Friday, December 7, 2012

and then Graco made me lose my mind

it was going really well
the whole day
I managed to shower this morning
I wasn't overly grumpy at work
and I finally got the carseat
it's been quite the process
an ongoing debate between me, myself and I
travel system? convertible that lasts longer? infant seat without stroller?
ultimately I decided on what I knew I would all along...a travel system
it made the most sense 
and it was easy on all fronts -- pushing, breaking down, putting up
the carseat/carrier doesn't weigh too much,
the stroller itself is surprisingly compact -- a pleasant surprise
and it's Graco -- 
the only label I could name, if I ever found myself being asked about popular baby brands
...probably on a game show
but I digress
the set up of the stroller started out so simple and straightforward
that should have been my first clue
40 minutes later I found myself beating my forehead into one of the wheels
cursing Graco, God and anything within 3-ft of me
it's just one little screw,
the last little screw,
once it's in I've got myself an assembled travel system
but alas, the stroller is in the back bedroom, unassembled
and my thumb and pointer finger are badly bruised from trying to push this stupid pin into it's place
I managed to pull myself out of my hormonal rage long enough to focus on a new project
taking inventory of what I have and making a list of what I need
this was quickly derailed when the infamous pug darted under my bed
eliciting a Hulk-like anger inside me
there I was, lying on the floor beside my bed
risking rage-induced pre-term labor
and then I sneezed
blood saturated snot
(a lovely side effect of pregnancy)
all over my face 
and shoulder 
and sweater's been quite a night
and I've decided to blame Graco

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