Friday, August 3, 2012

{post 2}

There’s a plan, a faint inkling of one, but a plan nonetheless.
And it’s getting closer to fruition every day.
These last few weeks have been an exercise in patience,
an area where I admittedly need work.
But I’m almost there,
it’s almost here
The excitement and nerves have started,
As have the fanatical list-making and over planning.
The thought of seeing my parents and my pug makes me tear up.
And I’m absolutely over the moon excited for the silliest things
Like grocery shopping at Central Market and Trader Joe’s
 and buying dairy free cream cheese and brown rice cakes and edamame
I cannot wait to take my dog for long walks along the bay,
And to bike to the bakery for maple bars and chai tea lattes
To wax my eyebrows, and eat mom’s cooking and grab Mexican food with my girlfriends
It’s funny what you miss when you’re gone for awhile.

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