Friday, November 9, 2012


 the journey has begun,
not as smoothly as I had hoped, as I had planned.
But as smoothly as expected.
The scenery is beautiful.
With that perfect sunlight [you know the kind]
 that pours through windows and turns everything it touches into magic.
We took a taxi to the train station.
A detour saw us boarding a bus that took us to another train station, to reconnect.
We arrived twenty minutes prior to departure,
just enough time for chaos to turn to crisis before coming full circle for a brilliant finale.
That final embrace was rushed, too rushed for tears, which was perhaps for the best,
but I had planned on something more lingering.
Best laid plans…could be the name of this entire journey.
The last train was bigger, unfamiliar.
Sweating, stumbling, struggling,
I made it to a seat, my seat, at last…
I arrive just in time, to miss my connection.
4Euro – that was the cost of my connection ticket
Thirty minutes and several attempts at broken Deutsch later
I found myself in the nicest hotel I’d ever stayed in.
Perhaps it was my aching limbs
coupled with the anxiety coursing through my veins,
but I still believe it was a very nice hotel.
The bedding was all white, an aesthetic I’m particularly fond of
There was German television, an oversized bath and room service
Glorious, overpriced room service that didn’t taste nearly as good as I had planned
The next morning, afternoon and night was a blur.
How long have you been here?
Do you have a visa?
Frankfurt --> Detroit --> Seattle
9a German time --> 8p Detroit time --> 12a Seattle time
Bag check, security, boarding, flight,
baggage claim, customs, bag check, security, boarding, flight,
ginger ale mit ice bitte…breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, taco bell, sandwich, yuck - throwaway sandwich, snack, ginger ale mit—errr, with ice please, excuse me I have to use the restroom, I hate to bother you again but I’m pregnant and…zzzzzzzzzz
home, sweet, home – I can see it there in the corner
carry on in hand, hurry, hurry, feet on ground, faster, faster
hear name
no it can’t be
it is, it absolutely is.

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