Tuesday, November 6, 2012

back, again

I’ve been contemplating sharing the realities of my pregnancy via blogging since I first found out. I’ve jotted down ideas, kept a journal of what I’ve been feeling and stared at my untouched blog for hours.  Friends have consistently encouraged me to share my thoughts and feelings, but still it hasn’t happened, until now. Bear with me as I post a backlog of things I’ve already written. Some of which could be as much as 5 months old. I left Germany at 16 weeks and now I’m 28 weeks…there’s been a lot of emotion and challenges and a couple (just two) meltdowns. Friends, be prepared, there will be many times that I may be too real, too gross, and too graphic but writing has always proved to be therapeutic and that requires unapologetic honesty, on my part. Bear with me, please. 

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